What DAEMON Tools app to choose

Free DAEMON Tools Lite for Windows DAEMON Tools Lite Free License DAEMON Tools Professional for Windows DAEMON Tools Pro Subscription DAEMON Tools Lite with Full Pack of features DAEMON Tools Lite Full Pack DAEMON Tools Ultra edition DAEMON Tools Ultra Subscription
Free essential tools for disc images Advanced features in classic interface In-app customization for pro features All-in-one solution for disc images
Mount virtual discs of all types (.b5t, .bt6t, .bwt, .cdd, .cdi, .bin / .cue, .ape / .cue, .img, .iso, .isz, .mds / .mdf, .mdx, .nrg, .pdi, .flac / .cue, .zip / .7z, .rar, .daa, .wim, .wav, .iso.wv)
Mount hard drive images of VHD and TrueCrypt files (.vhd, .vmdk, .tc / .hc)
Grab optical discs to images and keep your content safe
Scan your PC and organize your virtual discs into easy-to-use catalog
Emulate virtual optical drives of DT, SCSI and IDE types 4 DT + SCSI 256 DT + 32 SCSI + 4 IDE 256 DT + 32 SCSI + 4 IDE
with Unlimited Devices feature
256 DT + 32 SCSI + 4 IDE
Contact dedicated Customer Support in case of any issues
Compose your own image files, make changes and convert to ISO, MDS or MDF file types
with Image Editor feature
Burn optical discs of image, data and audio files or simply erase media and copy from disc to disc
with Disc Burn feature
Work with virtual hard drives, TrueCrypt files or RAM disks
with Virtual HDD feature
Add Virtual Writable Drive to your PC
with Virtual Burner feature
Connect to iSCSI Targets and exchange data in a local network
with iSCSI Initiator feature
Create bootable USB for Windows, Linux or Raspberry Pi OS.
Choose boot type: GPT + UEFI, MBR + BIOS and MBR + UEFI are supported.
Make your independent workspace with Live USB.

Raspberry Pi bootable USB only

with USB feature
Check local Wi-Fi network for mobile devices to exchange files with DAEMON Tools, browse and back up iPhone or Android photos, videos and files
with Catch! feature
Benefit from multitasking and process several tasks at once
Back up your files to physical disc, VHD or TrueCrypt container
Switch Light and Dark color schemes in app preferences. Check Narrator and keyboard navigation as well as contrast themes support
Change Accent color according to Windows settings or choose the one you like in the app